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Buy Mephedrone Online Mephedrone is perhaps the best characterise of the recent NPS . And studies have identify use in countries such as France . Slovenia, Australia, Ireland and the UK . However, epidemiological data is still limit . The most robust estimate come from the UK and as described above . The CSEW estimate last year use in 16–24 year olds (2011/12 data sweep) to be 3.3% . Less than powder cocaine . Buy Mephedrone Online

In Northern Ireland lifetime use of mephedrone is estimate at 2.0% . Dargan and colleagues  had provide an earlier estimate in school students survey in the Tayside area of Scotland (UK) before mephedrone became a controlled drug. Of the 1006 students that completed the survey (mean ages of the samples range from 13–24 years) . 20.3% report use of mephedrone on at least one occasion . While 4.4% reported daily use.

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Unsurprisingly, prevalence are age relate and rates of occasional use increase from approximately 39% in 13–15 year olds (point prevalences were not report to 61% in 22–24 year olds. As this data was collect from a pre-ban sample (April 2010 in the UK) . It would be interesting to repeat this survey in order to consider the effectiveness of legislation on mephedrone use, particularly by younger pupils . Who may not have the same access to illegal drug sellers as older students. Buy Mephedrone Online

One recent Internet survey examine mephedrone use behaviours in an older population in the UK and attempt to assess the potential effects of the 2010 ban . The mean age of the 1506 respondents was 26.0±9.0 years . 84% are male . And the median number of lifetime uses is 11–50. The authors also report that 64% of self-identify UK mephedrone users (n=1265) state that they would use less mephedrone and 49% more MDMA after mephedrone is control.

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However, as we have argued elsewhere . This paper provide an incomplete assessment of the effects of legislation and so these data must be interpreted with caution. It is feasible though that the emergence of mephedrone may have significantly affected the use of ecstasy/MDMA . Even if this many users were unaware of this. Brunt and colleagues  provided an indirect assessment of the penetration of mephedrone in the ecstasy/MDMA market in the Netherlands in 2009.

Using submissions to the Dutch national Drug Information and Monitoring System (DIMS), a toxico-epidemiological monitor of illegal drug markets . It was found that the amount of ecstasy tablets submitted for analysis that contained MDMA began to fall substantially in mid 2008. By 2009, 11.5% of the total amount of ecstasy tablets submitted contain mephedrone at doses of between 96 and 155 mg . This was also the first and only substitute cathinone derivative identify. As the Netherlands are an important source of UK ecstasy . UK consumers may have unwittingly been consuming mephedrone whilst believing they had bought ecstasy/MDMA.

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mephedrone use is highest in night club attendees .The Mixmag survey (see above) estimate lifetime and last year prevalence of use at 61% and 51% respectively. In another convenience sample of 308 attendees of London gay clubs (82% male), 41% reported use in the previous month . And 27% reported an intention to use on the night of survey .An Australian estimate of 572 ‘same sex attracted’ participants, yielded a last month prevalence of use estimate of 1.4%, but these subjects were not specifically recruited on the basis of being nightclub attendees and this sample comprised a higher proportion of women (44.4%) than the London survey.

Buy Mephedrone Online the type of nightlife patron also seems important in determining mephedrone prevalence . when Measham and colleagues  investigate use in more ‘mainstream’ UK nightlife (i.e. participants were survey on main thoroughfares in small towns/cities in the UK) they estimated last month mephedrone prevalence to be 5% (n=207). Interestingly . Then ask about use of the drug ‘bubble’ (local slang term for mephedrone), 9% reported last month use, which as discussed below has important implications for the development of NPS epidemiology.

A secondary analysis of the 2009 Mixmag survey (~950 mephedrone users) . Indicate that the majority (69.7%) use mephedrone monthly or less . Some (15.1%) report weekly or more frequent consumption and 15.2% report use every two weeks. Carhart-Harris and colleagues . in keeping with findings of other surveys . Report that mephedrone is preferentially administe by the nasal (57%) and oral (28%) routes . And that only a minority (3%) claim to inject it. Buy Mephedrone Online


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