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Buy Oxycodone Online  Oxycodone hydrochloride is part of a group of drugs know as opioids. Opioids include any drug that acts on opioid receptors in the brain . And any natural or synthetic drugs that are derive from, or relate to . The opium poppy. Opiates are a subset of opioids. Which are naturally derive from the opium poppy plant rather than synthetic substances. Firstly, oxycodone is most commonly prescribe by doctors to relieve moderate to severe pain. However, there is increasing concern among medical professionals about the risks of using these drugs . Particularly when they are use for a long time. Buy Oxycodone Online

Firstly, these tissues include the respiratory in the brain stem . The cough c in the medulla, muscles of the pupils . Gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, endocrine system . And immune system. Oxycodone’s effect on the respiratory  is dose dependant respiratory depression. Moreover, the action on the cough  is suppression of the cough reflex. Pupils become miopic or decrease in size, peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract slows, and muscle tone in the colon may increase causing constipation.

Buy Oxycodone Online

The full mechanism of oxycodone is not know. Nevertheless, under conditions of inflammation or hyperalgesia, opioid receptors in the heart, lungs, liver, gastrointestinal tract, and reproductive system are upregulate and transport to nerve terminals. Oxycodone and its active metabolites, oxymorphone, and noroxymorphone are opioid agonists. Buy Oxycodone Online  These compounds passively diffuse across the blood brain barrier or may be actively transport across by an unknown mechanism. Oxycodone and its active metabolites can selectively bind to the mu opioid receptor . But also the kappa and delta opioid receptors in the central nervous system and periphery . And induce a G protein coupled receptor pathway. Buy Oxycodone Online

Oxycodone and its metabolites are eliminate in the urine.  Unbound noroxycodone makes up 23% of the dose recovered in urine and oxymorphone makes up <1%.Label Conjugated oxymorphone makes up 10% of the recovered dose. Free and conjugate oxycodone makes up 8.9% of the recovered dose, noroxymorphone makes up 14% . And reduce metabolites make up 18%. The apparent elimination half life of oxycodone is 3.2 hours for immediate release formulations and 4.5 hours for extended release formulations.

Buy Oxycodone Online

Patients experiencing an overdose may present with respiratory depression, sleepiness, stupor, coma, skeletal muscle flaccidity, cold sweat, constricted pupils, bradycardia, hypotension, partial or complete airway obstruction, atypical snoring, and death. Overdose should be treated by maintaining airway, ventilation, and oxygenation. In addition, oxygen and vasopressor treatment may be necessary to treat circulatory shock and pulmonary edema and defibrillation may be required for cardiac arrest of arrhythmia. Naloxone, or naltrexone may be used to counteract the effects of opioids but patients should be monitored in case further doses are required.

Buy Oxycodone Online  Oxycodone is pregnancy category B according to the FDA. There is a paucity of data regarding oxycodone use in pregnancy, though animal studies show no teratogenic effects. Rats given oxycodone during lactation showed smaller offspring, though after lactation . They recover to normal size. Oxycodone is excrete in breast milk and so patients should not breastfeed while taking oxycodone due to risk of sedation and respiratory depression in infants.

Finally, no studies on the carcinogenicity of oxycodone have been perform. Oxycodone was genotoxic at 50mcg/mL with metabolic activation and at 400mcg/mL without. It was also clastogenic with metabolic activation at ≥1250mcg/mL. Oxycodone was not found to be genotoxic in other tests. Oxycodone does not affect reproduction and fertility in rats at doses of up to 8mg/kg/day.


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